Public Sector Accounting Abstracts Repository

Welcome to the Public Sector Accounting Abstracts Repository (PSAAR)! Our aim is to develop a repository that will contain the abstracts of the research work that is taking place in the field of public sector accounting. This work might either be published or in-progress (e.g. SSRN working papers). PSAAR does not require copyright rights as it just hosts the paper abstract. Moreover, the uploading process goes through a moderator to safeguard the quality of the information found to the portal. 

PSAAR aims at facilitating all public sector accounting scholars to: 

  • keep track and be constantly informed about new trends on public sector accounting research, 
  • easily find all research of their interest gathered and organized in one place, 
  • introduce their work in a large audience, get to know and get in contact with other researchers of the same academic topic.

PSAAR is an initiative of the XII Permanent Study Group: Public Sector Accounting and Financial Management of European Group of Public Administration.

Spread the word and join! 

Sandra Cohen
Francesca Manes Rossi
Isabel Brusca Alijarde 
Eugenio Caperchione 

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