New book of the Public Sector Financial Management book series

Dear PSAAR friends,

We would like to draw your attention to a new book of the Public Sector Financial Management book series of Palgrave Macmillan.

The book is entitled " Public Sector Accounting, Auditing and Control in South Eastern Europe" and it is co-edited by Vesna Vašiček, and Gorana Roje.

The book comprehensively presents the current practice and further development paths of public sector accounting, auditing and control systems in 7 South Eastern European countries based on the contributions of highly-respected researchers. Each chapter is a study of the territorial organisation, public sector scope, formulation and execution of central government and local and regional self-government budgets, accounting and financial reporting reforms and practice, audit and other oversight (supervision) in the public sector, and challenges in the further development of public sector accounting and auditing of each country. It also provides insights into the challenges that SEE countries are faced with as they move towards the adoption of accrual accounting and the implementation of IPSAS and/or EPSAS, and offers a valuable reference resource for academics, researchers, students, auditors, public administrators, policy makers and standard setters.

For more information about the book click here

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