Technology transfer performance of public research institutes: the case of Romania Marco Bisogno Hot
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July 08, 2022
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This study was aimed at testing whether the technology transfer performance of Romanian public research institutes—measured as the ability to generate patented technology—was positively related to institutional, human, commercial and financial factors.
A non-negative integer count data model was implemented to investigate a large sample of Romanian public research institutes in the period 2012–2019.
The results confirmed the positive influence of qualified human resources and commercial resources (technology transfer offices and spinoffs). Institutional factors were also relevant alongside the research field.
Research limitations/implications
The paper has limitations inherent to an investigation conducted in an emerging economy, with a low innovative culture and little interest in technology transfer. Although the analysis focused on a specific country, the findings obtained may be extended to other contexts.
Practical implications
To increase their technology transfer, managers of public research institutes and governmental authorities are suggested to implement structural changes and incentives regarding the skilled human capital, the entrepreneurial knowledge and efforts, and the provision of financial resources.
Social implications
Results showed that emerging innovator countries, such as Romania, should stimulate human capital to get involved in commercial activities, as interactions between public research institutes and the private sector generate economic, social, and environmental benefits.
This study concentrated on the performance evaluation of research and development activities carried out by public research institutes. Therefore, it contributes to a broad strand of literature which has essentially focused on universities, paying less attention to the contributions to scientific research of other organisations, such as public research institutes.
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Huian, M.C., Bisogno, M. and Mironiuc, M. (2023), "Technology transfer performance of public research institutes: the case of Romania", Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management, Vol. 35 No. 1, pp. 41-64.
Public research institute; Technology transfer; Performance; KPI; Patents
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Performance measurement
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