New development: The challenges of public sector accounting education in business schools Fabrício Neves
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April 29, 2022
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This article investigates where leading scholars and accounting regulators expect public sector accounting to be taught. Usually, accounting programmes occur within business schools; therefore, current social structures (action logics, beliefs, staff incentives, and graduates’ expectations) do not favour disciplines that are not focused on the private sector. Although this problem seems obvious, it has been left out of the public sector accounting education literature.
Preferred Citation
Adam, B., Brusca, I., Caperchione, E., Heiling, J., Jorge, S. M. F., & Rossi, F. M. (2019). Are higher education institutions in Europe preparing students for IPSAS? International Journal of Public Sector Management, 33(2/3), 363–378.

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Karatzimas, S., Heiling, J., & Pontoppidan, C. A. (2022). Public sector accounting education: A structured literature review.
Accrual accounting; accounting education; accounting reforms; Brazil; business schools; IPSAS; public sector accounting education
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