Analyzing smart cities’ reporting: Do they report ‘smart’? Sandra Cohen
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October 06, 2021
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Purpose –This study examines the reporting practices of a sample of smart cities that report in English by analyzing the financial and non-financial reports published in their websites.
Design/methodology/approach – The study performs a manifest content analysis on the financial and non-financial reports published by a sample of awarded -by various networks and organizations- smart cities. Integrated Popular Reporting that builds on Integrated Reporting, Popular Reporting and ICT advancements is used as the reference paradigm to analyze the content and the characteristics of these reports.
Findings –The results indicate that smart cities’ reports are mainly developed conventionally and do not embed technological advancements. However, there are several smart cities that adopt a reporting paradigm where the five capitals of Integrated Reporting, over and above the financial one, are discussed.
Originality/value –Systematizing the way the existing reports of smart cities are developed provides evidence whether smart cities adopt reporting means that are consistent with their character, as well as, the specific areas they should focus to achieve that. Towards this end, collaborations between citizens and smart city councils, in the philosophy of co-production and co-creation of public value, could prove helpful in the development of useful reports.
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Cohen, S. and Karatzimas, S. (2021), "Analyzing smart cities' reporting: do they report “smart”?", Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
Smart cities; Integrated Popular Reporting; Integrated reporting; Popular reporting
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  • Comparative Research
  • Financial accounting
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