Allocating Government Budgets according to Citizen preferences: A Cross-national Survey Sandra Cohen
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June 23, 2020
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The goal of this exploratory study was to investigate if, when asked to state their preferences for the allocation of public monies toward broad governmental functions, individuals state them at random or if their choice follows some rational pattern that can be traced using explanatory variables.
The paper presents the results of a survey conducted in Greece, Italy and Switzerland where the contingent allocation method was applied to a hypothetical allocation scenario of public monies to the functions of the Government.
Findings based on 428 answers revealed that individuals were able to state their preferences for the various functions of the government as well as discriminate between the relative utility of each task and that the country context and personal characteristics significantly influence the respondents’ allocations.
From a policy perspective, understanding citizen preferences in budget allocation may help governments rationalize the spending of public money
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Soguel, N., E. Caperchione and S. Cohen "Allocating Government Budgets according to Citizen preferences: A Cross-national Survey", Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management, forthcoming
COFOG; Functions of government; Budget Allocation; Public administration; Survey method
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