Intellectual capital in Italian healthcare: senior managers’ perspectives francesca Manes Rossi Hot
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June 24, 2020
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Purpose – This study investigates the perceptions of intellectual capital (IC) among senior managers at Italian
local healthcare units (LHUs) and the interrelations among IC components. It also provides a comprehensive
definition of IC in the healthcare context and managerial guidance on improving IC to enhance LHU
Design/methodology/approach – A survey was carried out to investigate perceptions among LHU senior
management and identify characteristics of each primary IC component. The pilot study’s results were
examined using principal component analysis.
Findings – The findings illustrate senior management’s perceptions of IC in LHUs and the extent to which
management identifies and manages IC. A comprehensive definition of IC components in the healthcare sector
is derived from these findings.
Research limitations/implications – The research provides a better understanding of IC in the healthcare
context and facilitates further research into how IC may be incorporated in quotidian organizational
procedures. Results suggest that LHU managers should invest in increasing trust and respect and engage
employees in organizational processes to provide recognition for the active role they play. Ongoing
management of the three primary IC components is shown to have clear advantages, particularly on their
Originality/value – The paper contributes to an increasingly important strand of theoretical research – IC in
the healthcare context – and also adds new knowledge on the practical applications of IC in LHUs.
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Manes-Rossi, F., Bisogno, M., Aversano, N. and Citro, F. (2020), "Intellectual capital in Italian healthcare: senior managers' perspectives", International Journal of Public Sector Management, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
Public healthcare organizations; Intellectual capital; Intellectual capital management; Survey; Principal component analysis
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Management accounting
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