Would IPSAS help Greece? Or would they be the 'Emperor's New Clothes'? Josette Caruana Hot

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April 01, 2016
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In response to Ian Ball's (2015) proposition that the real debt problem of Greece is misunderstood because it is not reporting its debts according to IPSAS, this debate article argues that it would not matter whether Greece adopts IPSAS or not. Like all other EU member states, Greece has to report its debts according to the requirements of ESA 2010. This is required by its major creditor, the European Commission.
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Caruana, J. (2016) Would IPSAS help Greece? Or would they be the 'Emperor's New Clothes'? Public Money & Management, 36(3), pp.161-162
ESA; fiscal debt; IPSAS; harmonization
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International Accounting / Accounting Harmonization
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