EPSAS—Worrying the Wrong End of the Stick? Josette Caruana Hot

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February 24, 2015
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The ultimate objective of the European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS) project is
for the European Union (EU) to improve budgetary surveillance of its member states through
more reliable statistics. The objective of this article is to analyze the EPSAS decision and
discuss the efficacy of the proposed solution. Harmonization is already present through national
accounting rules; will more standardization do the trick? Is the problem really being dealt with,
or is it just an attempt by the EU to appear to be doing the right thing while the real issue is
ignored? This article suggests that targeting governmental accounting systems for this purpose
may prove futile.
Preferred Citation
Rowan H. Jones & Josette Caruana (2015) EPSAS—Worrying the Wrong End of the Stick?, International
Journal of Public Administration, 38:4, 240-252, DOI: 10.1080/01900692.2015.999577

ESA; IPSAS; harmonization; standardization; national accounting
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International Accounting / Accounting Harmonization
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