Budgetary principles and practices in Central Government in Cape Verde: an analysis from the perspective of the State’s Budget preparers and controllers Susana Jorge Hot

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November 14, 2014
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The main goal of this research is to examine which are the principles and practices of preparation, execution and control of the budget in Cape Verde,
with regard to the Central Government, assessing whether they are adequate for the Financial Administration of the State of that country.
This research, original, is framed within a positivist perspective, using a quantitative methodology with data collected through questionnaires sent
to users of instruments of preparation, execution and control do the State’s Budget, namely head officers and officials, in a total of 60 potential respondents.
Answers allowed to conclude that, regarding budgetary principles, even though some are not established in Lei do Enquadramento Orçamental (LEO),
they are accomplished in practice, especially the principles of prudence, transparency and subjection to management tools.
In relation to statements of preparation and control of the execution of the State’s Budget, most respondents strongly do not agree that the Statements of
the Procedures Manual are used while preparing the State’s Budget, contrarily agreeing that the Statements established within the LEO are the ones used.
As to budgetary control, inspections are performed a priori and successively. Concerning to concomitant monitoring, many disagree that it is performed.
Internal control is carried out by specialised bodies. Budgetary principles and classifications, statements and manuals used to prepare and control the State’s Budget execution as well as controlling mechanisms, are, in general, considered adequate to the Financial Administration of the State of Cape Verde, with exception of the Procedures Manual, the concomitante monitoring and the external auditing, which therefore require improvements.
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BRITO, Jaqueline; JORGE, Susana; «Princípios e práticas orçamentais no Governo Central de Cabo Verde: uma análise na perspetiva dos preparadores e controladores da execução do Orçamento de Estado»; Revista Contabilidade & Gestão (Portuguese Journal of Accounting and Management), Ordem dos Técnicos Oficiais de Contas (OTOC), Nº 15, Novembro 2014, pp. 75-116.
State Budget, Budgetary Procedures, Budgetary Control, Cape Verde.
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